About us

We are business exporters and importers

BCI Commodity, Central Bank of Innovation is a business model merged between a bank of entrepreneurial projects and the merger of small, medium and large companies as well as governments and private equity investors, who want to participate in a global and innovative and equitable market between business and people.

EThe benefit for both is perfect, BCI provides a source of information and knowledge directly between entrepreneurs and businessmen, combining ideas, businesses and economic contribution for the development of projects.

BCI Commodity participates in the management of the purchase and sale of products between companies and countries in more than 23 sectors, likewise selects future clients and makes all agreements between both parties, speeding up and facilitating the process of international purchase and sale of products anywhere in the world.

New ventures: innovation for impact

Our world is at a tipping point, with technology and data exponentially transforming our clients, our profession, and society at large. At New Ventures, we harness these disruptive forces to accelerate innovation for our clients and our business.

In everything we do, our approach reflects and reinforces BCI Commodity's core values adhering to the highest professional standards, bringing the best of our company to each client, and significantly improving our clients' performance. We seamlessly integrate with BCI Commodity's industrial and functional practices to execute on four key priorities:

Pioneering asset-based consulting

Combine technology, data, advanced analytics and subject matter expertise to help our clients address their most important strategic priorities. These assets help us make an impact for our customers faster than ever and to sustain it for the long term.

Build consulting of the future

We expand beyond traditional practice areas such as strategy, organization, and operations to develop next-generation areas of expertise: Internet of Things, Leadership Development, Large Capital Project Delivery, and Company Growth and Strategy Before the IPO, to name a few.

Expand new partnership concepts

We are partnering with leading technology providers to provide our clients with best-in-class support in all aspects of large-scale transformations, from strategy and culture to architecture and coding.

Our talent model evolves

We create an unrivaled environment for the exceptional people driving today's innovation, including more than 1,700 designers, engineers, data scientists and entrepreneurs.