BCI Commodity Group and entrepreneurs

Dear entrepreneurs:

Among other services and advantages, companies may obtain the following annual benefits:

* Helps to open new markets * Help to locate partners or strategic allies in European or Latin American markets

Global Network of Chambers of Commerce and Private Investors The chamber of commerce is a form of local business network, which aims to create greater interest in companies, BCI Commodity creates the first private international network of chambers of commerce in order to help entrepreneurs to obtain information from first hand and act in favor of business interests by promoting trade, investment, the opening of markets and the free flow of capital and business development.

Countries where BCI Commodity nor its associated companies operate, or provide any type of direct or indirect service, as some of the following guidelines are not respected:

* Human Rights are not respected.

* Lack of legal, business and labor security

* Labor exploitation or conditions of slavery.

- Vietnam

- Camerún

- Yemen del Sur

- Yemen

- Laos

- Gabón

- Irán

- Uzbekistán

- Cuba

- Congo

- Irak

- Mali

- Corea del Norte

- Tailandia

- Libia

- Bolivia

- China

- Vietnam

- Nicaragua

- Venezuela

- Laos

- Rusia

- República Centroafricana

- Myanmar

- Turquía