BCI Commodity and Industries


Energy and environment

The energy industry faces considerable challenges as global demand continues to place the world's scarce natural resources under relentless pressure. Companies across the energy value chain also have to adapt to a host of new regulations and technologies.

BCI Commodity leaders and experts in the energy consulting practice have the extensive industry and operational experience necessary to help our clients thrive in these trying times.


Environment and sustainability

Companies from all industries ask BCI Commodity to help with their carbon management strategy: public entities need to develop relevant regulations, NGOs try to manage their relationships with diverse stakeholders, and investors need to identify the best investment opportunities among carbon and environmental management projects.


Energy generation

The world's leading power generation original equipment manufacturers and service providers face key questions and challenges including:

* How is the value chain of the power generation industry evolving and how should companies integrate these changes into their strategies?

* How can companies drive growth by adding a specific technology to their portfolios?

* Are companies focusing on R&D at the right level? How do they compare to competitors?


Transmission and distribution

Transmission and distribution companies face a range of complex business problems and questions including:

* What are the correct growth strategies for T&D organizations? How do you balance regulated and unregulated growth?

* What are the main dynamics of the networks, and what is the impact of bringing a large renewable capacity online?

* What are the key issues facing the grid operators, for example balancing the intermittency of wind power, determining the right equipment to strengthen the transmission grid, and the evolution of the distribution grid?


Business services

BCI Commodity helps business service providers create a competitive advantage in a market focused on providing exceptional service to end customers and an attractive return on investment for shareholders.

The business services sector is seizing the opportunities driven by globalization, consolidation, and new technologies. And new integrated offerings are forcing established players to develop scalable services that meet changing regulatory and environmental standards. New technology platforms are also driving lower-cost models that are detrimental to established companies, but provide opportunities for new entrants and active players.

Our business services help clients seize attractive opportunities, develop innovative business models, and outperform their competitors. The industry is diverse, including professional services, education and training, and support and outsourcing services.


Consumer products

Consumer product companies cover a wide range of product categories, and they come in many shapes and sizes. Strategic decision making is often a challenge due to the complexity of these businesses, which can have multiple brands or divisions, consumer groups, geographies, distribution channels, among others. Consider the following market dynamics:

The market faces channel disruption on a dramatic scale, increasing e-commerce penetration and continued strengthening of Amazon, disruptive new business models, changing demographics and renewed spending priorities, informed and empowered consumers, and rapidly evolving technologies.


Financial services

Financial services companies face an unprecedented variety of strategic challenges, both within and outside of the industry. Consumer behaviors and financial needs are changing as a result of demographic changes, social change, and the acceptance of new technologies as a means of delivering financial services.

Data availability and the resulting ability to better understand customers is increasing rapidly, inspiring a shift away from product-centric approaches to more customer-centric models. Traditional business models are being directly disrupted by these trends and by the emergence of new fintech models.


Health care services

Countries around the world face common challenges and opportunities that affect the health of their citizens and their health systems: aging populations, rising chronic diseases, growing health care costs outpacing economic growth, access to consumers to unprecedented medical information and technological innovation (eg and pharmaceutical technology, information technology).

Against this backdrop, each region and country faces a unique combination of dynamics that challenge their health systems to deliver better outcomes at a lower cost burden.


Industrial actions

Industrial companies continue to face a challenging environment that is forcing senior executives to optimize their cost base, re-examine their business models, create new capabilities and manage in an evolving market that is increasingly affected by new technologies. From the impact of low oil prices and slower manufacturing growth in China, and continued slow growth in the US and Europe, to the effects of disruptive technologies on traditional business models, successful industry leaders must transform the way in which their companies operate to compete more effectively in the future.

To be successful, senior leaders must develop new capabilities, revamp existing sales strategies, embrace new technologies, focus on innovation, enhance competitive intelligence, develop more agile and responsive organizational structures, and find ways to expand into new markets and geographies.


Private equity consulting

What does private capital (PE) need from a consulting partner? Increased confidence, lower risk, easy access to knowledge and experts, all in support of positive results: successful deals, tangible growth plans, and maximizing returns when exiting.

BCI Commodity has worked together with our private equity clients to provide comprehensive support throughout the transaction cycle. Our support ranges from identifying attractive companies to business due diligence, growing the value of the company's portfolio, and supporting exit.


Travel and transportation

The travel and transportation sector is undergoing profound change. In ten years from now, it won't look like it does today. There are numerous contributing factors:

* Conflicts of globalization and protectionism.

* GBig changes in the distribution of global wealth and an explosion of disposable income in several emerging markets.

* Significant changes in consumer and business travel buying behavior.


Media and entertainment

New delivery platforms, new digital payment models and new competitors are exploiting existing revenue streams for media, entertainment and technology companies. Companies are struggling to find new ways to engage and benefit from today's digital consumer.

With hundreds of projects in every part of the ecosystem, BCI Commodity advises clients in all areas of media, entertainment and technology. We help our clients increase their profits and remain competitive amid market uncertainty.


Fusions and acquisitions

BCI Commodity advises corporate and private equity clients on how to create value from a business acquisition, combination or separation. We also help clients plan joint ventures, alliances, and other alternative structures.

Our approach is research intensive, impartial and confidential. We combine financial data and analysis with industry knowledge to help you realize the true value of an opportunity. We also have a global presence, providing the local insight and language skills necessary to organize complex multinational M&A transactions.


Public sector

BCI Commodity works with leaders at all levels of government and in non-governmental and non-profit organizations to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges.

We bring best business practices and public sector acumen to support heads of state, ministers, heads of agencies and other senior leaders with their greatest challenges, in areas such as strategy, risk management, operations and organizational transformation. Our work spans the spectrum of social issues, including economic development, cost management, benefits and tax fraud, security policy, labor matters, and high-level governance.

* Importantly, we also have a deep understanding of the unique challenges of policy design and formulation, and of implementing change in the public sector. BCI Commodity has practical experience making a difference at the center of government, in agencies and ministries, and other public sector organizations.


Transportation and surface

We advise railways, carriers, shipping, supply chain and logistics integrators, postal companies, express and freight companies, as well as governments and regulators to help shape the industry.

With extensive industry experience, our consulting team helps clients stay ahead of the competition by working with them on the most challenging issues related to strategic growth, digital transformation, operational improvement, and business effectiveness. organization

We are committed to the present and the future of Tourism, for this BCI Commodity is working with international financial entities, Tour operators, Wholesalers, Travel agencies, Hotels and airlines, in order to help this sector, with the innovation of tourism models and an injection of approximately 6,000 million dollars.